Dec 19, 2007

it's almost christmas

It’s almost Christmas but I cannot feel the excitement that Christmas brings. This time of the year when Filipinos can only think about going to the malls and finish their Christmas shopping, I am here in a faraway country SO BUSY debugging the project to be presented on Christmas day (what?! ).. Yes folks, I need to work on Christmas day. All my time is spent on the project that I do not have time to think about Christmas. Moreover, since I am away from my family, I don’t think about Christmas on purpose. I have been away from my kids for the third Christmas in a row. Just thinking about it and the things that I have missed makes me teary-eyed so I keep myself busy and try to think that what I’m doing is for the family and just look forward to the day that we could be together again, never to miss any important occasions or events in my kids’ life. For now, it is enough to talk to my kids on the phone asking them if they have finished buying their Christmas gifts and new clothes. Jun and I will be contented in seeing the pictures taken during their Christmas party and hearing the stories about what they received and the prizes they received when they join games. This is the SAD reality… but in God’s time, I know that I’ll be writing a different story about Christmas.



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