Dec 31, 2007

A Year That Was

Today marks the end of 2007.

I consider this year as very significant to me and my family because of many remarkable incidents that shaped our lives. There are many incidents that I may forget to identify in this blog, but everything that happened have helped me to be what I am now – more optimistic and stronger albeit the problems that came our way.

In January of this year, Jun and I were given the chance to attend a seminar that enriched our ideas regarding Learning Management System/Content Management system. I consider it as a good sign – being selected among all the staff to attend the training even if we are still quite new in the organization and the fact that we were sent together is a bonus in itself!

The month of May marked the Silver Wedding anniversary of my brother (Kuya Pepe) and Ate Thelma. They were looking forward to this and decided to have a church wedding. It was a reason to celebrate! It was also during this celebration that Jun and I got the biggest scare of our lives when River and Ashvin were rushed to the hospital due to food poisoning. It was a blessing that nothing serious happened to two of them and they were discharged from the hospital after a few days.

After 11 months of working away from the kids, July was a time to go back home for vacation. I consider it the best month of my life and I bet the rest of my family (Jun, River, Rain and Ash) consider it as theirs as well. It was a time to relax and recharge and what better way to do it than to spend it with the whole family in Singapore? It was the month of many “firsts”. First time for the whole family to spend a vacation abroad, first time for my kids to travel by airplane, and also our first time in Singapore (except for Jun).

If July was the best month, I consider August as sad for the whole family. It was this month that Jun and I left the kids again for another year of work. Leaving the kids always breaks my heart into pieces. I know that each member of my family feels the same way…but we all need to sacrifice for now….

There are many reasons to celebrate this September:

  • Our contract was renewed. It means another year of work!
  • It was our 11th year wedding anniversary. I cannot believe that it was already 11 years! Years passed by unnoticed if you are contented and happy:) It was the best 11 years of my life and I look forward to more years of wedded bliss!
  • Jun got a promotion. From this, I believe that a person with skills and talents will always rise above the rest.

Rain, our only daughter celebrated her 7th birthday with a birthday party with family and friends. We were not able to attend this very important event in our daughter’s life but we know that she was happy and she understands…

I may not remember the months but I want to mention some very important events participated by River. I observed that River was very active in school this year. He was able to join different contests – from spelling to math to science and news writing contests! I hope that he will keep it up.

Ash is still 5 years old and he may not have done any special activity but I know that in time he will be as active and good as Rain and River in school. Jun and I may not spend too much time with him due to several circumstances but he remains a very sweet child to us.

Christmas was a very emotional day. We hoped that we were able to spend it with our kids but circumstances doesn’t allow. We contented ourselves with calling and sending messages to our loved ones to keep in touch.

…. Tonight is no different than Christmas. It is the 31st of December. How we wished that we were home to welcome the New Year with our kids. I have already called home and greeted my kids. After posting this blog, I’ll be on my way to our friends house to welcome New Year Gulf style.

Happy New Year!



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