Jan 6, 2008

Kids' updates...

I was checking my email two days ago and suddenly received a chat invitation from my brother-in-law who is one of the people in-charge of taking care of my kids while Jun and I are far away working.

Incidentally, the kids went back to school on that day after their Christmas holidays. My brother-in-law told me that everything is fine and they already received the results of the kids' third periodical examinations. As expected, River and Rain got very good marks. In fact, both of them got the highest marks in some of their subjects. I was surprised to hear that Ash got the second highest mark in English! You see, Ashvin is only 5 years old and unlike his two siblings, he's not yet very serious about his studies. He has not taken the study habits of River and Rain yet, but I know that in time, he'll also excel in his class.

Being far away from the kids is a big sacrifice. But receiving good news regarding my kids gives me and Jun renewed spirit.



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