Feb 22, 2008

Going back to Gym

The first time I arrived in Sydney, I observed that people spend time much differently than it is spend by the Filipinos back home. One of the things that fascinated me most is the fact that most of the people are very much concerned about their health. You can see healthy foods amongst the items available in the supermarket and even in fast food restaurants. Vegetables and fruits are available everywhere. People do their exercise anytime of the day! Because of these, I decided to go to the university gym and attend regular exercise classes and the results were amazing. My family could not believe how much weight I have lost when I returned home.

Upon returning home, I was not able to go the gym anymore although Jun was so sweet to have bought a static bike that I used regularly. For a year I was able to keep myself fit until we transferred to another place where we don’t have any exercise equipment at home and going to the gym is so complex (read his blog to understand the complexity). I keep whining about the bulges until Jun finally decided that we both need to go to the gym

The workout started last Saturday. I had fun going back to the gym. We did the usual warm-up exercises in the treadmill and bike. Jun and I did upper tummy and lower tummy crunches. My body felt lighter after the first session although I felt the usual body pain that comes after doing exercises. The pain does not matter though. As they say, and I believe, No Pain, No Gain!