May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Yesterday, mother's day was celebrated around the world.

People have different ways of celebrating mother's day. It is not important how extravagant the celebration might be or how expensive the gifts we sent or received; what's important is remembering our mother or people who touched our lives and treated us as a mother would have. A mother's day gives us an excuse to tell our mother how much we appreciate them and what they have done to us....what we are now... without having to feel embarrassed.

I received several messages and good wishes from friends and family. Likewise, I sent greetings to my mother-in-law, sisters and friends.

I called my mother to give my greetings and told her that I am happy that she was able to travel abroad. It was her first time to board the airplane and I am excited as she was for this event. My sister Tess made this "first trip" possible so Inay celebrated mother's day in Malaysia! I can feel that she is very happy although she wished that Tatay is with her. I just told her that Tatay is very happy that his kids are now living the dreams somehow and family trips abroad are now possible... I know that this will not be Inay's last trip abroad...... her kids are now giving her a chance to relax and enjoy .... she has done so much for all us. It is time to return the favor.... Happy mother's day Inay!



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