Jul 8, 2009

A Day Before Summer Holiday

Today was no ordinary Wednesday. Everyone is a bit excited because it's the last day at work. A lot of my colleagues will be going back to their families tonight and tomorrow after 10 months. Most of the staff are just hanging-out at the cafeteria, taking souvenir photographs. We brought River, Rain and Ashvin along and took some photos with friends. We also had some photographs in Jun's office :-)

Check out my Fendi sunglasses... i LOVE it! Just what I needed this summer.

..and before i forget, i also included some pictures of my Versace eyeglasses. The frame was a birthday gift from Jun and then I added transition lenses in time for summer. The eyeglass is also handy especially during times i have eye irritation and cannot wear contact lenses. It is also great during flights where contact lenses should not be worn.



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