Jul 9, 2009

Summer Vacation

Summer vacation has officially started for my family today. Didn't sleep a wink to pack bags and prepare things we needed for a 3 day vacation.  We were on the road before 2am! Had to travel early and take Lisa to the airport for her 5:30AM flight to Manila. The kids were so tired waiting for 10AM to check-in at a hotel and get a decent sleep.  We headed to beach and wait for sunrise and took some photographs.  We had fun walking in the sand.... it has been a long time since we visited the beach.  Ashvin had a great time looking for shells :-)  

We finally checked-in at Ramada Hotel at half past ten and slept most of the day. Anyways, we can't afford to go out in the scorching heat of Middle East's summer... Btw, i had to say that we enjoyed our stay at Ramada :-) The rooms were good (got the executive suite) and the staff superb.  

I reckon this will be the first in a series of summer trips for the family.... just enjoy some of the photographs while waiting for the next one :-)



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