Jun 12, 2011

Korea's Got Talent

People the world over have been enthralled by Korean talents. Proof to this are the viral videos of K-pop groups (particularly Wonder Girls ), Sungha Jung, Sung-bong Choi and the twins Janice & Sonia.

List of my favorite Koreans (in music industry)
The cover songs in this blog have once been my iPhone ringtone except for Sung-Bong Choi's "Nella Fantasia" version.

Sungha Jung is a 14-year old fingerstyle acoustic guitarist. He won numerous awards from YouTube including 6 "Number 1" awards.  His channel has gained over 200 million views.
Sungha Jung's (Jason Mraz) I'm Yours with 4,912,032 views

Janice and Sonia are Australian twins of South Korean descent. Their Jayesslee's channel in YouTube already got more than 3 million views.

Janice and Sonia's (Bruno Mars) Just the Way You Are with 3,906,617 views

Sung-bong Choi's video while singing in the Episode 1 of Korea Got Talent also went viral not only because of his good classical singing voice but also because of his unique and very heartbreaking life story.

Sung-bong Choi's video (longer version) already got more than 5 million views

Wonder Girls is  South Korean girl group which gained entry in the American market in 2009  with the English version of hit song Nobody.

Wonder Girl's Nobody Performance on Mnet M countdown video already got more than 50 million views

I hope you enjoyed watching and listening to the samples posted here as much as I do.



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