Jun 6, 2011

A Priest's Advice

While attending the Tagalog mass last Friday, the priest gave a homily about Jesus' ascension. He also shared a story and tips close to OFWs heart.

He told a story about an OFW who asked that his house be blessed. The priest was amazed upon entering the house as pictures of the man's family in various sizes is prominently displayed everywhere. What surprised him more is the laptop at the table where he could see the man's family members doing differrent activities. At one point, it showed his wife cooking. The man explained to Fr. Raul that watching his family's activities and chatting with them is part of his everyday routine.

At this point, Fr. Raul asked the congregation to remember how each one felt when leaving family members, particularly the part when you have to say goodbye and enter the airport. He explained that it is not easy to leave but we are lucky that communication technologies have improved tremendously to bridge the gap between families.

Fr. Raul has few important reminders for OFWs in keeping up with their families and in using communication technologies:

1. Keep pictures of your family posted in various locations of your house/room.

This will serve as your inspiration every time you wake up. It will be the constant reminder of the reason of your sacrifices. He further explained that it is important to post your family's picture, otherwise, "malamang na ibang picture na ang mapa-display sa bahay mo", to which most in the church agreed with a laugh.

2. Make a habit of constantly communicating with your family.

Fr. Raul explained that we have to regularly communicate with our family, be it through chatting, Facebook, calling or sending SMS. He said that if we don't invest money or time in this, "' 'di mo mamamalayan na mas enjoy ka na pala na kausap ang iba at malamang na iba na rin or nadagdagan na ang tinuturing mong pamilya". There were muffled giggles from the congregation again.

3. Analyze how the communication technology has affected your life.

Have you used the technology in a positive or negative way? Personally, positivity or negativity is subjective... Anyways, Fr. Raul continued his homily by saying that if you used the technology in communicating with your family, if you gained more friends, if you forward SMS of good news (rather than green jokes), the effect is positive. He said that if you gained more enemies by using technology, then you have to think if you still have to continue using it.

4. Make time to go to church and hear mass.

5. Pray.... not only when you need help.



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