Jul 8, 2011

School Blues

The pictures below show the sad state of the Philippine public school education.  According to one statistics I read, the student to classroom ratio in most public schools is 1:70 and there is not much difference with the teacher to student ratio of 1:60.  

Of course, it is a very different case in private schools and universities. But what is the percentage of families able to send their children in private schools?  No wonder, Philippines is slipping every year in the list of top performing schools in Asia. 

Wtf! Only irresponsible parents will let their child go through this situation.  
Only when the child is dead  will they see the grave danger of this.
Paging the police or MMDA officers, where are you? Baka busy sa pangongotong!

 (From The New York Times, by Luis Liwanag for the International Herald Tribune)

I'm wondering how the students in front will see what's written on the board.  After several years in this situation, the students will either suffer from nearsighted or farsighted problems ... and of course severe asthma (with some skin problems) for those very near the blackboard.

Are you wondering (like me) how the kids will get in/out of this cramped room in case of a call of nature?
Please don't think what will happen in case of emergency :(
Computer class
Another computer class
Of course, I am very proud that Filipinos give great importance to education. Their determination to finish education help them accept their situation as shown by the pictures here and still try to get something useful out of it.

Well, I guess life is really that hard nowadays if parents are left with no better choice.... or is it?



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