Aug 20, 2011

All Set for Paris

not Paris Hilton but Paris, France :)

It is very common to lose your luggages in Charles De Gaulle airport (as discussed in most travel forums).  Since we don't want to be included in the growing list of unhappy and unsatisfied travelers, hubby and I followed some useful tips posted by previous travelers who lost their luggages and reunited with their belongings after at least 3 days :0 

As part of our risk management plan, our luggages are not only locked and tagged as usual; they are also photographed (profiled) for easy identification in case of emergency.  It is easy to describe your bag by showing its picture rather than lose your mind in thinking how to translate the bag's description in French :) 

The bags' profiles are in my phone and instead of sending the other copy in my email, i posted it here in my blog.  Each checked-in luggage has our itinerary inserted in the pockets which shows where we will be on a particular date (hotel name, address, phone and email) as well as our personal phone numbers and emails.  This way, if ever the unexpected happens, they could easily track us and make everything simple.

Hopefully, we won't be needing all these things and we don't have to go through filing a lost luggage claim.

All the bags are packed 
...locked, tagged and profiled
Checked-in luggage #1
Checked-in luggage #2
Cabin bag #1
Cabin bag #2
Cabin bag #3
Looking forward to a great summer holiday!




nice....have a safe and fun-filled trip ma'am alice....

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