Aug 22, 2011

Beware of Ring Scam in Paris

To all those who plans to visit Paris,  Beware of the Ring Scam.

I was in front of  Musée d' Orsay with my two younger kids taking some photographs with my iPhone. My hubby is already few meters ahead of us with our eldest son. While I was busy taking photos, a woman who speaks French bent over in front of us and got my attention by holding a gold ring and asked me if it was mine. I was startled a bit and started a conversation by saying it wasn't mine.  The lady acted so happy to have found a gold ring and told me it was her lucky day. She tried the ring in all her fingers, showing me that it won't fit. The moment she entered the final act - offering the ring to me because it won't fit her - I sensed that something is not right and put my guards up. The lady is trying to pull my hand and wanted to put the ring on my finger while I was pulling it all the time and saying NO. My mind was telling me to be careful but I don't know how to end the conversation without being rude.  At that point, my husband called us from the other side of the road so I told the lady that I have to leave.

My husband was a bit frustrated and reminded me not to talk to strangers because starting a conversation will open doors to scammers. Before I could tell him my story, he told me that he was offered a gold ring and he just snapped NO and walked away.  It confirmed my fears that it was a scam.

While we walked away together, I could still see the lady looking at us.  It wasn't her lucky day after all.



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