Sep 7, 2011

Make Travel Easy, Plan Your Trip with Technology

Planning for a trip is now easier with technology.  Online bookings for airline, hotel, trains, buses and admission tickets to tourists' spots are available.  Hubby and I find this convenient and safe.  A lot of sites are also available to give advises on places you want to visit. There are also travel apps like TripDeck, TripIt, SpeakEasy, Translate and AroundMe that makes traveling more convenient. For our family who does not prefer to join group tours because we have 3 kids and wants to enjoy the places at our own pace, finalizing a trip itinerary is always easy and hassle-free.  

Sample tickets for our France and Italy trip are shown here with the booking number, receipt number or barcode deleted / altered  :) 

Book a Sommet (Summit) ticket if you are visiting Eiffel Tower. It's worth it :)

Our 2 day pass for Batobus Tour in Paris

Always book your tickets online, it will save you a lot of time and you won't need to be part of the looooong queues :)




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