Oct 23, 2011

Pilipinas Got Talent Controversy

Ang daming questions and violent reactions sa PGT Season 3 results.

Na curious tuloy ako kahit di ko napapanood ang show including the finals and found out that El Gamma Penumbra and Graffitti Motion are same group. The latter joined Showtime and reached the grand finals but decided not to continue due to plagiarism issues (check Pilobolus). I'm not sure why they decided to compete again, this time in PGT, if there are already plagiarism issues before. At bakit naman pinayagan ulit ng Ch. 2 to compete and reach grand finals only to use it against the group during the finals. Na-stress tuloy ang mga fans :)

PGT is not only a talent show but more so it is a popularity contest through SMS voting.  Syempre kelangan kumita ang network 'no? Otherwise, wala silang ibabayad sa mga talents. At syempre yung kapos sa talent, sa voting na lang bumabawi.  Sometimes, fans forget to vote pag nakita nilang magaling yung bet nila... ang there lies the difference.  Claps and adulations are not enough para manalo ang bet, kelangan ng BOTO.

Ang tanong:
Yung violent ang reaction, bumoto ba naman kayo? Nagpadala ba kayo kahit isang SMS vote lang para sa feel nyong manalo? 

Lesson learned: At the end of the day, showbiz is all business. ツ



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