Nov 27, 2011

Advent 2011, Day 1

Our family set up the Christmas tree and other Christmas decors today.  I'm proud that we were able to keep the decors so most of it are on its 3rd year.  This year, we just bought snowman, reindeers and wreath.  It is our first time to set up an advent wreath and our first time to celebrate the Advent in this way.

Advent is the 4 week period before Christmas when the Church celebrates the first coming of Christ and anticipates His second coming.  As a tradition, Christians, including Catholics use circular wreath as the circular shape symbolizes eternity of God's love (no beginning and no end).  The candles symbolize the light of Christ coming into the world.  Catholics use purple, rose and white candles.

Week 1 Candle - Hope (purple)
Week 2 Candle - Peace (purple)
Week 3 Candle - Joy (rose)
Week 4 Candle - Love (purple)
Christmas Eve Candle - Christ (white)

At home, the candle representing Hope is lighted on the first Sunday of Advent while prayers and scriptures are read before dinner.  Same candle must be lighted on Week 1 while reciting different scriptures.  

For Day 1, our kids were given the following activities in addition to lighting the candle of hope and studying the scriptures for the first Sunday of Advent.

We definitely enjoyed our first Sunday of Advent and we are looking forward to the other activities and biblical lessons that our family will learn together leading up to Christmas.I hope yours was as memorable too!



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