Dec 12, 2011

Advent 2011, Day 16

Lessons from Today’s Bible Story  
(1 Kings 17:1-16, 18:17-46)

      1.    Believing in God

Our God is the one, 
true, living, and powerful God!

2.   Recognizing God’s capability of doing astounding things
3.   Believing that we can live and act with courage because God is always with us
4.   We are not alone (God is always with us!)

“My help comes from the 
who made heaven and earth”
Psalm 121:2)

The Old Testament narrates the various instances of people forgetting that God is the one true and powerful God.  It shows how easy it is for people to forget the amazing things that God has done for us; how easy it is to get confused and turn to things that displease the Lord.
The highlight of Elijah’s story is the challenge “The god who answers by fire is indeed God,” (1 Kings 18:24) that he gave to the people who worship Baal. They prepared the altar and chose a bull for the sacrifice. Elijah asked God to send fire that will consume the sacrifice so that people will turn their hearts back to Him.
Let us not wait for God’s miracle to happen before returning back to Him.