Dec 2, 2011

Advent 2011, Day 6

This Advent, are you willing to let go of your sinfulness? 
Are you willing to sacrifice the things that make you happy 
but may not be pleasing to God? 
What are you willing to sacrifice for God?

In the busiest of times, it is often difficult to realize that our worst enemy is our own sinfulness.  When we do realize that, however, we can really beg God to save us.  Today, let's say the prayer Jesus gave us, devoutly, and as a real Advent prayer.

For the lighting of candle in the Advent Wreath
Reading for Today:
Isaiah 29:17-24

Gospel for Today:
Mathew 9:27-31

Jesse Tree Family activity
Reading for Today:
Gen 22:1-19

The story of Isaac's Offering by Abraham teaches us faith and sacrifice.

Symbol for the today's story is the 'ram'. Following are the kids' artwork for the Jesse tree.



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