Dec 18, 2011

God Bless Philippines

Lord, please comfort the people affected by the typhoon. Bring the Filipino people together in love & prayer and help them care well for each other. May people show compassion in practical and abundant ways.

Let those affected by the typhoon rebuild better than before. Let them be strong. May good come out at this time of calamity.

God, please bless Philippines!

As I watched the news about the typhoon in Mindanao, I was devastated. I felt the fear of the people trying to cross the raging floods. I imagine how someone would feel seeing a loved one being taken away by water currents. I imagine how surprised and frightened they must be when the waters from swelled rivers came crushing through their homes as they were sleeping. It must be a struggle for some and a quick death for others.  As I write this, the death toll reaches above 400 and still counting.  For those who survived the ordeal, it will not only be a bleak Christmas but a bleak future. They will have no time to be haunted by the experience as they are faced with the gigantic task of rebuilding their life. I trust that God will help us in this trying times and I have faith in Filipino's resilience.

There will be many questions. Why did this happen? Why are they unaware and unprepared? Who is to blame? BUT this is not the time to ask questions and to blame anyone. It is a time to comfort the people, to share whatever we have and to pray.  Politics should be set aside, animosities should be forgotten for a while and work together to extend help the soonest possible time.

PLEASE send donations to Philippines.