Dec 5, 2011

Pre-Christmas Gift

I was so busy in the office for the last 2 days.  The start of the week was so hectic; it started with QAD visit and then visiting classes for 'online course survey'.  I was dead tired when I came home.  Sunday was no different.. I was in-charge of the department since HoD is 'out-on-duty'.  I had to visit classes at different times of the day for the survey and had to sign papers, send emails & requests, post notices and finalize the 'final exam timetable' in-between.

I had no time for coffee break :(  It is strange that I didn't drop by  Jun's office, even to make photocopies; stranger not to call him in his office, too.  During the day I received 3 calls from Jun - first: to ask what I'm doing (normally I'm the one doing this); second: to ask if I'd like to have coffee because it was past lunchtime; and third: to finally ask me if I would like to visit him to check what he got for me.  With that, I stopped what I'm doing and went to his office.  I had no idea that he was so excited since early morning to share it with me and he had to wait until he can't wait no more!

And what did I get?  3 phone camera lens that i SUPER LIKE :) Shukran gazeelan habibi! I was surprised and I'm really touched by your gesture.

I'd be writing more details about it and upload sample photos taken using the new lens soon.




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