Jan 5, 2012

Let's have LOMI!

When you work or live outside your country, there is a tendency to miss the foods that you love most.  The best solution for this is to cook it yourself.  A true blue Batangueño, my family would sometimes crave for "lomi".

LOMI is considered as a comfort food by most Batangueños. There is no specific time to eat lomi but I think that it is best eaten during winter and rainy days.  Some friends I know eat lomi after a night of drinking session.

lomi ingredients. we don't have kikiam and squid balls so we used bacon and smoked beef sausage. we also don't have the usual "miki" so we used yakisoba noodles from the japanese section of the supermarket stir fry veggies...
add the noodles (pre-boiled until al dente) add beef stock. put salt, pepper, soy saucer or fish sauce to taste. add thickening agent and simmer for 2 minutes
prepare the soy sauce with lemon and fresh green chillies. garnish with pre-cooked bacon and smoke beef sausage. you may add dried chillies if desired

Enjoy superb lomi! Great with ice-cold coca-cola or pepsi.



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