Feb 16, 2012

Photo Sharing with Instagram and Statigram

There are so many photo apps available and I have tried quite a few. I am currently engrossed with Instagram which is a fun and cool way to take and share photos. With Instagram, a user can use multiple filters in a photo :)

If you're hooked with Instagram like me, I advise you to use Statigram. Now, this cool web service allows you to manage your Instagram account. It is a great web viewer for all your Instagram photos (view your feed, pictures, likes, followers and instagram popular posts).  Statigram also provides your Instagram account statistics and you can browse, like or comment on photos.  It allows you to share your pics via a public web address.  Finally, it provides snapshots of your account like this Instagram birth certificate :

Still not impressed with Statigram? Well, if you have a Facebook fanpage it will easily add a tab on it to display all your Instagram feed to engage your community.  If you don't have a fanpage but you are using timeline, Statigram can generate your profile cover with a patchwork of 50 of your latest photos.

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