Feb 29, 2012

Today I learned …

…that it is possible for something to go wrong however hard you planned and prepared for everything, especially if you are working with a group.
…to accept that not all people who receive my email will read it; some who read it will value its importance and follow the instructions but a few will ignore it (and there goes all my effort)
…that patience is a virtue but it also has a limit
…to accept that people deal with problems in different ways: some will find solution to the problem but others will find the person to blame and make a mountain out of a molehill 
...that indeed, some of the most important lessons in life is learned the hard way
...that some days will be tougher than other days but it is better to look at the brighter side of things
...that I should thank God because unlike others, I appreciate the value of people and their effort

..at the end of the day, 
all's well that ends well.



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