May 23, 2012

Migraine Attack

It is quite normal for me to have migraine that lasts for 3-4 days but it was my first time to have a severe migraine attack while at work. Through the years, I have learned to continue “business as usual” while having migraine, just pausing once in a while if the throbbing in my head gets unbearable. Although I don’t leave home without my Advil (liquid-gels are the best), there are times that the painkillers just won’t work and I will just have to request for back/nape massages from Jun or from my kids OR have to do hand/foot reflexology by myself.

Today is the 4th day of my migraine and while finishing some report, I got dizzy and my head was spinning like crazy. My body became weak and my hands were shaking. I want to bury my head in my hands and just rest my head on the table but my mind was telling me to call for help and I dialed Jun’s extension number. Every little movement of my head builds nausea and Jun arrived just in time to hand me the bin to throw up.

I felt so weak and the pain was too much. I was in panic that I was asking Jun to get someone to take my blood pressure. (I had no time to think that my sugar level might be low and request for a can of coke ala Corona).  Somebody called clinic for help and when the nurse came he immediately told me that he had to give me injection. What?! I wanted to protest but I had no energy. When I regained my balance, I was brought to the clinic and nurse administered the injection and asked me to lie down and rest for a while.

I was able to recover but had to file for short leave and rest at home. I still have migraine “hangover” – I still feel weak, have body pains and feels I could sleep all day. Some get depressed after a bout with migraine but I try to keep myself busy with small things like baking, keeping in touch with friends, write or go out with my family.

Such is the life of someone with migraine. Different people have different triggers. I usually get mine from change of weather, stress, adrenaline going down immediately after too much pressure and recently PMS is added to the list. As I’ve said, Advil, massage and reflexology work for me and since caffeine works wonder, coffee is my comfort drink during bouts with migraine.  I understand that what works for some might not work with others so I would be glad if someone will share how they managed to cope with migraine and would be more than happy to hear if someone had found a way to cure their migraine.



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