Jul 21, 2012

Sweet, Chili, Buttered Prawns

Hubby and I are spending a long summer break and we keep ourselves busy whipping up some delicious treats for our 3 kids.  We bought 2 kilos of tiger prawns in the supermarket and had our daughter's guests try "Sinigang na Sugpo". We thought of something different for the other kilo -- so, we decided to have sweet, chili, buttered prawns!

1 kilo tiger prawns, cleaned
1 stick butter
1 7-up
1 big head of garlic
chili paste (see recipe here)

  1. Marinade the prawns in 7-up (or any lemon-based juice) for 10-15 minutes
  2. Pour a little bit of oil in a pre-heated pan and put 1 stick butter
  3. Saute garlic
  4. Add the prawns with juice
  5. Add chili paste to taste
  6. Let it simmer until cooked
  7. Place prawn to a serving platter. (we don't have parsley so i just put cucumber while plating^^)
Best eaten with steamed rice. 

Nom nom!



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